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Title: The best in the area12/11/2012 3:53:24 PM
This is the best food in the area, by far. The dim sum is wonderful! Hot and Sour soup is yummy (best around)and the varied offerings make the china tea house my go to place for good Chinese food. The staff are friendly and as gracious as can be. Ultimately, the food speaks for itself.As for the guy that didn't like his chicken and cashews- live a little! Order something you've never tried before!
Title: Mrs. Noel Polj11/9/2015 1:35:59 PM
What type of Prince Of Peace do you serve? It was some of the best I've tasted! Thank you!
Title: job11/20/2015 11:51:29 AM
I finding for job as waiter and I have being expired for more than fifteen year.thank very much!
Title: finding a job as waiter11/20/2015 11:48:43 AM
i like working at cantonese restaurant and i have been expired more than fifteen year.thank you very much!
Title: Wonderful10/1/2016 11:41:58 AM
I had lunch today for the first time at your new location. The food was excellent as always. And the young lady working was very helpful with questions I had about menu items and Chinese food in general. I highly recommend your restaurant. I will return. Thank you so much. Joe
Title: 1/7/2013 3:52:00 PM
Went in for some dim sum on a Sunday afternoon since its the only place I know of that serves it around the Harrisburg area. It honestly wasn't too bad at all. You obviously don't get the Chinatown experience like you do in NY, but they do offer the basic dim sum fare such as beef tripe, spare ribs in a bean sauce, turnip cakes, and chive cakes.Again it wasn't the best since I'm used to Chinatown dim sum, but its definitely a good fix for my cravings.The place seems very clean as well. I will definitely return!
Title: Sam1/30/2014 7:52:21 PM
I wish you had an email newsletter when you are running specials and special foods for Chinese New Year. I wish you had roast duck occasionally for special 3 course dinners
Title: Chinese New Year?1/29/2014 6:55:00 AM
I was also wondering if you are doing anything for Chinese New Year on Friday. If so please email me so that we can make a reservation. Thank you.
Title: Chinese New Year's Dinner1/27/2013 2:58:36 PM
Hi! Will you be having anything for Chinese New Year's? I have a group of people who would come if you did. I love coming to you resturant. Let me know as soon as you know. thanks Kimberly Louie
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